Like the water that descends from the mountains towards the sea, I have to adapt, shape myself and find ways to reach the sea and merge. Discover new paths, beginnings and ways of interaction, crossing obstacles and growing bigger and bigger.

Learning and adapting is a constant in my life, which began long before I moved from the Southeast Atlantic to the North Sea in the Netherlands, started as a Brazilian woman who needs to survive and improvise whatever comes and goes.

There, in Brazil, I had many names, they called me artist, teacher, sailor, farmer, owner, producer, builder and so… but above all, I was Caiçara, living in the middle of the Rain Forest, in a very close relationship.

Here in the Netherlands I am an expat, an outsider who wants to integrate and exchange knowledge, culture, practices; who wants to bring my own experience, expertise and learn from others how to live in Dutch society.

For me, art is my fuel, my passion, it is my contribution to the world that through education opens all doors of imagination and possibilities.