Cycles of nature 

Open your eyes, give yourself a moment. Breathe 

Open your mouth, give yourself a sound. Exhale 

Open your arms, give yourself space. Stretch 


Stand up. Look outside the window, there is light 

The day has just started 

Slow as falling dew 

Fresh like the first breeze 

Calm like winter sunbeams 


There is hunger 

The lion inside your stomach is alive and he asks for food 

His mane is big and shines like the sun in the high sky 

We could eat a whole country 


People walk, talk, they don’t stop. 


The still brightness 

As fast as the dark blue defeats the big beast 

The light that shines fades away in the glowing sky 

Shinning sun. Further no more 


Drop your shoes, move your toe, rest your head 

Prepare to bed 

Let me take you by hand to the dreamland 

Where the wind blows pieces of hope 

And silence waits for stillness 

But wait, 

Before I’m gone 

Close your eyes, end your thoughts 

Once again, don’t forget. Just relax 

Tomorrow is yet to come 

The cycle hasn’t begun