2022    Piet Zwart Institute MA Education in Arts_ Netherlands 

2012    University of Campinas BA in Visual Arts_ Brazil


2023   The Nature of the City_ Rotterdam, Netherlands 

         Go West_ Rotterdam, Netherlands 

2022  #Plain Air Landscape_ Rotterdam, Netherlands 

2021   Publieke Werken_ Rotterdam, Netherlands

          #naturewellbeing_ Netherlands

2018   Collective Exhibition Paisagem_ Porto, Portugal

2017   Exhibition About Landscape_ Brazil

2015  ExhibitionWorld of Color _ Brazil


2022   The Goldfish Bleeding ina Sea of Sharks – Wresling Club_ Netherlands

2021   #fucktheartmarket_ Amsterdam


2018   Pepa Pinto V_ Spain

2016   Bruno Giorgi_ Brazil

          Darcy Cruz_Brazil 

Scientific Research

2012    PIBIC (Intitutional Scientific Initiation Scholarship) – Jean Baptiste Debret, About 3 Watercollours _ Brazil