Making ephemeral drawings using elements collected from the nature around us. 

We start with funny and playful movements and sounds to instigate laughter and relax people. This is an important moment in the educational process, when we laugh we empty our mind and make room for something new, and it fosters the feeling of a group.

After that, we go to collect elements from Nature, things that somehow catch our attention. As a part of my educational approach, I make the least interference possible. At first there may be little resistance, but eventually everyone gets involved in the process. 

This activity allows participants to closely explore the place where they are, stimulate concentration, curiosity and increase the feeling of belonging. When making the work, they think and experiment with textures, shapes, smells, sizes, colors and how to combine them all in a way that makes sense to them.

The meaning of freedom in nature expands the limits of ordinary life.


What is your ecological address? To raise awareness about nature present in our daily lives, by drawing an ecological map with the influences and manifestations of it. The activity brings attention to the natural systems that affect our houses and neighborhoods. 


The natural world claims for help. We are living the consequences of centuries of degradation without consciousness. Climate change, greenhouses, deforestation and plastic pollution are just common words in our daily lives. What we can do about this?

There is a way. That is to make people aware. Through connections, knowledge and practices. To grow the feeling of community and responsibility among us. To remind us that we are Nature and so we need to listen, to respect and be humble enough to understand that we are all part of the system, the web of life where everything is connected and depends on each other.

This workshop aims to create an emotional bond between the participant and the animal represented. It works as a bridge between you, me and Nature. It fosters connection and intuitive learning. It gives us the feeling of belonging to the natural world. It makes us think about what is valuable in life and how do we want to spend our days.

TIE DYE WORKSHOP using natural fibers and pigments. 

The connection with nature it is neither rationalized nor measurable, it has its own time to happen, it is accessed differently for each one of us. When it comes to adults, this connection is usually accessed through their childhood memories and the moments when they were in nature, which is also one of the reasons why it is so important for children of today to be in contact with nature, so that they can create value through the memories of the time they spent in it.